A Brief History of Beards

The ancient Egyptians were generally facialy bald however the really important ones wore fake metal beards. Even the ladies…

Alexander the great banned his soldiers from growing beards, sadly a tradition that continues to this day.

The Romans were bad for beards. Beards were shunned in the Roman empire. The word barbarian was coined to denote a bearded savage. Hence barber!

Both Henry the VIII and Peter the Great introduced a beard tax. Althought they both had beards...

The balding Louis XIII amused himself by cutting his courtiers' beards down to a moustache and a tuft on the chin.

The Victorians considered beards a good thing, natural, wholesome and hygienic.

During the early 20 th century the moustache became a status symbol.

Generally facial hair appears to be emerging from a long period of unpopularity.